Vinteex – Undefined Love (Dealazer Edit)

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Once in a lifetime, we feel that love has much to bring into our lives, we will truly love someone because of what we experienced. And true love is something people need to start looking at rather than anything else.

With a unique vibe this time, we can’t just congratulate ourselves with a splendid track that will be remembered for years and times.

The full opportunity to claim a good future of release. The track has been produced widely special with a unique vibe and touch by mostly Dealazer that has turned this track into future recognition of Psycholatic as the label about love.

Vinteex produced great vocals that truly will be remembered, and not only that we feel this time is the time to even get more listeners to his arsenal.

This track will be released 30/9-2022 so do search and listen when you can, Undefined Love!



Author: Psycholatic

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