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Vinteex – Desire (Dealazer Edit)

This track will be released soon and is a great addition to many cool tracks by Vinteex. Surely Dealazer was a cool guy on this project to maxify the feel and the vibe. Many people are interested in Love Music…

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Artist – BuddyMantor

Together we’ve been working, making tracks and releasing several tracks. As most artists they do not release through a label like us, because we have the free value towards our artists. So some release through other media, since they are…

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Canoe Deep – Epic Soulstar – San Luis Potosie – Insomniac

Quite unique type of Tech-House track, quite cool, has the touch of feel and enjoyment as fear and insomnia are somehow induced with fear by certain sample pack editing in the Special Edit. San Luis Potosie and the team CAnoe…

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