Canoe Deep – Epic Soulstar – San Luis Potosie – Insomniac

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Quite unique type of Tech-House track, quite cool, has the touch of feel and enjoyment as fear and insomnia are somehow induced with fear by certain sample pack editing in the Special Edit. San Luis Potosie and the team CAnoe Deep & Epic SoulStar did a splendid job on the underlying parts of the track. As certainly it’s quite unique touch and has been released 14th May 2021.

Due to the nature of the track, this track has been in a series of complaints, but all settled down at the end of the road. The names of the participants weren’t as good as they were described. Anyway, we welcome you to even further ahead with a quite unique touch and magnificent sound progress at the end. The track has been undergoing certain aspects all are happy about.

Proudly released on Juno:


Author: Psycholatic

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